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Chi Siamo
Portolano Cavallo concentra la propria attività nel settore TMT sin dalla sua nascita nel 2001 ed è ora riconosciuto come lo studio legale italiano leader in questo settore.
Lo Studio
Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale was founded in 2001 by partners Manuela Cavallo and Francesco Portolano. The firm’s activity is mainly focused on the corporate/M&A sector and the media industry.
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Contenuti inseriti nel mese di July 2012

Jul 27

Italian Labour Reform: New Provisions on Regulating Resignation and Termination by Mutual Consent

• Introduction • New provisions on regulating Resignation and Termination by Mutual Consent • Sanctions • Conclusion   Introduction The Law June 28, 2012 no. 92 (the “Law”) – in force since July 18, 2012 – has modified several aspects of working relationship. The Law introduces provisions that regulate Resignation and Termination by Mutual Consent… continua

Articolo inserito in: Labour and Employment, Start up
Jul 26

Recent Changes to Italian Bankruptcy Law

In an effort to re-launch the economic growth, with Law Decree No. 83/2012 (so called “Decree on Development”) the Italian government, inter alia, implemented several significant changes to Italian Bankruptcy Law (legge fallimentare). Since 2005 the focus of the Italian Bankruptcy Law has shifted from liquidation to reorganization of distressed companies through reorganization plans and/or… continua

Articolo inserito in: Restructuring and Insolvency
Jul 20

Reform of the Italian Labour Market

The reform of the Italian labour market – known as Riforma Fornero from the name of the involved Ministry of Labour and Welfare – has been enacted as law no. 92 of June 28, 2012 (the “Law”) and is in force since July 18, 2012. The key elements of the Law are new rules on: (i) temporary employment agreements and other contractual arrangements aimed at avoiding abuses and to improve the flexibility of the labour market; (ii) termination of the employment relationship, restricting reinstatement to certain specific cases of unfair or unjustified dismissal and simplifying the relevant proceedings before the labour courts… continua

Articolo inserito in: Labour and Employment, Start up
Jul 9

Former AGCOM chief on online distribution of creative content

Introduction In recent months Corrado Calabrò, formerly the chairman of the Communications Authority (AGCOM), took part – during his mandate at AGCOM – in parliamentary hearings(1) in order to clarify AGCOM’s position on certain aspects of a draft regulation(2) which is intended to ensure protection of copyright on electronic communication networks. The draft regulation, which… continua