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Portolano Cavallo Law Firm wins the Europe Women in Business Law Awards 2012 for Italy

  • July 4, 12

In the ceremony held in London on June 20, Portolano Cavallo has been awarded with the Europe Women in Business Law Awards 2012 for Italy.

This award analyzes 35 practice areas and 33 jurisdictions throughout Europe and rewards the law firms fostering the development of women in the legal profession and providing programs that allow professional growth and personal and family life balance.

Manuela Cavallo, partner and one of the firm’s founding partners, says, “This European recognition acknowledges a way of thinking that has shaped our law firm from the start and continues to have a concrete impact today: the goal of creating a work environment fostering equal opportunities for all of our professionals and staff. Today, with great satisfaction, I can say that our numbers* bear this out: 40% of our partners are women, and 47% of professionals are women.”

Partner Francesco Portolano continues, “Our commitment is shown not only by numbers, but also in the firm’s policies and human resource management: any professional can work part-time or from home. Indeed, recently one of our associates became counsel after working part-time for years; and the partner heading our IT and e-commerce practice is (and always has been) part-time. Our maternity leave policy offers paid leave and the opportunity to take additional leave without any adverse consequences in terms of professional growth. But what really matters at the end, is just that our human resources are not in any way influenced by gender. People with talent progress, be they women or men. It’s no accident that partner Manuela Cavallo is one of the few women recommended in M&A in Italy by legal rankings and directories. We’re thrilled to receive this award and it has inspired us to work even harder. Doing so, is not just in the interest of individuals, but mostly in the interest of the firm itself. Indeed, we believe it’s crucial to have people motivated and enthusiastic about their work environment.”