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Who We Are
Portolano Cavallo concentra la propria attività nel settore TMT sin dalla sua nascita nel 2001 ed è ora riconosciuto come lo studio legale italiano leader in questo settore.
The Firm
Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale was founded in 2001 by partners Manuela Cavallo and Francesco Portolano. The firm’s activity is mainly focused on the corporate/M&A sector and the media industry.
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Article added in June 2013

Jun 28

The ECJ to rule again on Italy’s online gambling laws

The ECJ has discussed several references for a preliminary ruling on gaming laws originating from Italian courts and two landmark decisions on gaming laws issued by the ECJ (Gambelli, 2003, and Placanica, 2007) originated in Italian cases. ECJ case law has indisputably influenced Italian gaming policies and Italy’s gaming market over the past 10 years. In 2007, titles like ‘the end of States’ monopolies’ appeared in the… continued

Jun 25

The new regulation on ‘innovative’ start ups in Italy

The Italian government has recently enacted a new regulation1 (the ‘Regulation’) aimed at encouraging innovation through the creation and development of new companies qualified as ‘innovative start ups’. Several incentives as well as exceptions to the general rules applicable to enterprises are provided by the Regulation to stimulate investments in innovative start ups. The key… continued

Article added to: Start up
Jun 24

The digital start up – Practical guide step by step

Published by Franco Angeli, “The digital start up” is a practical and complete guide for anyone who wants to successfully start a digital company. The right combination of advices, anecdotes, case studies and experiences of business leaders aimed at supporting a start up in the various stages of its growth: from the definition of the business idea, to the setup of a company… continued